Capture One Film Styles - Extended Set Review

Film Styles Extended Set is the newest development from Capture One Styles, created for the advance users of the original Film Styles Set for Capture One.

The new Extended Set contains 100 new film styles and 25 grain emulation Styles. In Extended Set you will find a lot of completely new film styles like Kodak Gold and Royal Gold, Kodak Ektar, Agfa Vista, Rollei Retro, Kodak Max and UltraMax. Also included in the set are new variants of existing styles from the original set and popular styles now having an artistic style variant. 

Film Grain emulation can be achieved in the Extended set thanks to the new features in Capture One Pro 8. There are 25 universal grain styles and 30 unique emulations for the B&W styles which all work with the original film styles set.  The new set is not an upgrade or replacment of the original set, its a completely new set of styles, designed to work with the Capture One Pro 8 and utilising its all new powerful features. 

I have been really impressed with the new Film Styles, at first I thought they would not be a stand alone strong set of styles but they are comprehensive and diverse offering new possibilities over the previous film styles set. I particularly like that the styles go up in strength allowing the user to be as subtle or as strong as they want using the styles, giving more creative control. However, I found some of the styles to be quite strong in contrast levels even on the lowest version but this is a minor issue and nothing you couldn't get around with a few tweaks in Capture One. The choice between having summer & winter versions of the styles allowed quick scrolling between a cold or warm balance effect which I found to be extremely helpful. 

Kodak Royal Gold 400 V3 Summer

Kodak Royal Gold 400 V3 Summer

Kodak Royal Gold 400 V3 Winter

Kodak Royal Gold 400 V3 Winter

When I previously reviewed the original Film Styles Set I found the black and white conversions impressive and authentic. The new extended set has built upon an already impressive B&W style set adding even more diversity to the styles. I particularly like the higher ISO styles (less contrast) because they give you a pleasant black & white toned conversion from which to start adding your own personal amount of contrast and impact. I also mentioned last time about using C1 8's film grain emulation tool in conjunction with the styles to add even more drama and now in the Extended Set there is a complete set of black & white styles with varying amounts of grain to help get you started. The B&W plus grain styles were great for adding texture to images and gave great results. However for a more controlled workflow I added the B&W style first then chose from one of the grain presets. Using the grain presets was so easy and efficient and there is a good variation ranging from subtle to very strong giving greater control in finding the look you want. 

Please click on the images below to enlarge for a better look. 

Film Grain ISO 400 EXP

Film Grain ISO 800 EXP

Film Grain ISO 1600 Push

Film Grain 3200 Push

I have been really impressed with this new Extended Set from Capture One Styles, they have expanded on an already strong style set. Is it worth the money ?  I would defiantly say yes. The styles are strong, diverse, authentic and are a great starting point to bring that extra bit of life to your images. Sometimes the hardest part of an editing workflow is deciding on the look and feel of your images. The new styles are great to skim through, allowing you to view a range of styles instantly. Even if you apply the styles and edit from there on they give you a great starting point sometimes one you would never have considered. The Extended Set coupled with the Original Film Styles offer a massive library of editing possibilities.

Please see below examples of the styles applied to some images from a recent trip to New York:

Capture One Styles-Fuji Asita.jpg

I would like to thank Alexander for providing a copy of the styles for me to review. For more information and to purchase the styles, visit Capture One Styles. Also for more information on the Original Film Style Set and instructions on installation please read my previous review

All Images © David Eaton Photography. All Rights Reserved.