1Styles For Capture One Pro 11

With the release of Capture One Pro 11 and new layer enhancements, brings photographers new creativity when working with styles. 1Styles Pro has upgraded their styles to work with this new functionality allowing you to refine the existing styles to create even more grading possibilities.

The film styles are a great addition to have in your retouching workflow, giving you a great starting position to tweak from or as stand alone looks. I have been using the styles for a while now and have found that some can be too aggressive but with C1 11 it's easy to dial in your preferred look. This is achieved with the new opacity slider in the local adjustments and works like you would expect, allowing you to control the strength of the whole layer and its adjustments.


After creating a new filled layer, choose your style from the styles menu as shown above. For the example images below I used PL-Time Zero Polaroid, which gave a faded warmth to the image. Notice the effect on the style as the opacity changes, this now gives you total control over the styles and your grading workflow.


Once you have experimented with the new style options I suggest stacking the film styles. As show on the image below I have two layers, one named "Colour" and one "Contrast". On the colour layer I used PL Time Zero-Polaroid, this was for that warm faded tone. Then on the contrast layer I applied another style from the film style set which was Agfa Vista 400 V4 T-balanced. I used this for its strong contrast and opposing colour tone. I then balanced the image to my liking using the opacity sliders, this is a great technique for quickly toning and adding punch to an image by letting the styles do the hard work and using C1 11's new functionality to refine the results. 

To find out more information on the Film Styles by 1Styles, see below at my previous posts or at the website -