Film Styles Set For Capture One - Review

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Film Styles For Capture is a set of 100 styles, designed to replicate popular film image effects whilst utilising the power of Capture One's RAW converter. The set includes 58 colour and 42 black & white styles and is available for download for $49,95. The styles are split into familiar named film stocks such as Ilford Delta, Kodak T-MAX, Agfa Scala, Polaroid plus many more. 


There are two methods for installation, both of which are very straight forward:

1. Import Styles - This is the easiest and fastest. Simply using the "Import" function from the Styles & Presets tool you can import all the styles from your downloads folder straight into C1. 

2. Copy Styles into Capture One's Settings - Recommended. This method allows you to set different folders for your styles giving you more control. All you have to do is copy the contents of the Styles set into Capture One's Settings, where you can make new folders which will appear in the C1 menu. The C1 styles folder can be found in the following location:

User > Library > Application Support > Capture One > Styles

I really like this method because it keeps everything neatly organised and gives you the control to put things where you want them to be. Unlike method 1 where the styles are just dumped into the Styles & Presets tool, leaving you to wade through them all. This can be a nightmare when you have alot of photographs to edit,  constantly having to skim through a big list of styles. For the purpose of this review I copied the contents of the folders straight into the styles folder, giving a me a BW & Colour folder. However, as I have been using the styles over the past few weeks, getting to know what will give me what look. I have now created separate folders for all of the film stocks. This allows me to quickly and easily find what I'm looking for and saves me skimming through the big list of styles. 

The Styles

I have been using the styles for a few weeks now and and have been very impressed with the results. At first I was skeptical of how the styles would look and if I would be able to use them in my workflow. They have grown to be a great asset not only as adjustments but as visual aids, allowing me to quickly preview a variety of styles on my photos. This speeds my workflow up by helping me to decide how I want to edit a particular photo without having to sit there and apply all the adjustments manually to achieve the look.

The big Pro about the styles for me was subtlety and range, they had varying amounts of contrast and colour effects giving more choice and creative freedom. There were still ones that I found too harsh and a bit over the top but on the whole a good selection of well executed styles. The styles gave a really good starting point, quickly allowing me to apply desired base colour and contrast characteristics from which to build from. 

Here is a small selection of the Colour Styles and the effect they have:

When I first started skimming through the BW Styles, I thought that there were not many differences between the styles but the more I used them I saw the subtle differences. The BW Styles are a vast improvement on the black & white styles offered by Capture One, they have better levels of contrast intensity and offer more choice for black and white conversions. Also with the new film grain tool in C1 8 coupled with these BW styles, you can really create authentic rich black & white images. 

A selection of Black & White Styles: 

Final Thoughts

Overall the Film Style Set for Capture One is a great addition, offering a wide variety of styles that are very well executed. It hasn't got quite the polished finish of say VSCO Film but as these are not available for Capture One this is the best option on the market if you are looking to expand your Capture One editing possibilities. I would say that the styles are not a direct replacement for shooting film but they do allow you to apply some of that old film magic to your digital photography. Whether they're 100% correct to the the original film stock doesn't really bother me, they are a great editing tool for toning and converting your images and give you a great starting platform from which to build upon. 

I would like to thank Alexander for providing a copy of the styles for me to review. For more information and to purchase the styles, visit Capture One Styles

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